[rrd-users] newbie CF query

John ORourke jbo at netline.net.uk
Tue Jul 20 13:01:40 MEST 1999

I've been happily using MRTG for a while, but ended up writing a similar program myself to handle daily stats.

I needed to create various graphs of daily stats, and consolidate on day/week/month/year using average/max/min/total.

RRD looks fantastic, but I don't see 'total' mentioned as a CF in the docs...

For example, and ISP wanting to see 'total billed minutes for 1 week' could not use RRD.

Then, what if you deliberately wanted to lower the resolution of the graph - 'average daily temperature' could be done using 'rrdfetch' but not 'rrdgraph' unless you only wanted 1-pixel per day!

I know people always want programs to do things they were not designed to do, but am I missing anything obvious?

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