[rrd-users] RRD and fetching

trygvelu at bug.itea.ntnu.no trygvelu at bug.itea.ntnu.no
Thu Jul 22 21:05:23 MEST 1999


I am setting up a script that does some analyzing on data over a
specified amount of time, in various RRD files. I've been using
RRDs::fetch to get to the data, however there are one or two things I'd
like to see..

o RRDs::fetch will only get values within a limited time range (with 300s 
step). This forces me to parse RRDp output (which isn't so nice..) 
instead, when I want to go further back in time.

o It would be nice to call a function that returns only the MAX or AVERAGE
(whichever is specified) _overall value_ for some specified time range (be
it -5min, -10h or -1m). Of course it would be nice to have this in RRDs..
The motivation for this would be that I won't have to sum or compare the
output lists, or even care about values that weren't specified in some
sampling periods. And doing sums/comparisons on a lower level would be
significantly faster.

Any thoughts, have I overlooked something obvious?
(Maybe these new functions/changes will be harder to implement now that
rrdtool has gone release(1.0.0), but I do have some hope that it can be
done.. =)

(Good work Tobi, I'll send you a cd soon :)
Trygve Lunheim

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