[rrd-users] Using Multiple RRDs for graphing

Bryce as root root at zen.ics.uwe.ac.uk
Tue Jul 27 17:42:07 MEST 1999

As the subject says,

I have 3 machine from which I am graphing mail and data throughput
for capacity management purposes.

The network looks like this

                         /---- Mail Srv 1 ----\
                        /                      \
Company Side mail------<------ Mail Srv 2 ------>------ 'Wild' Internet
                        \                      /
                         \---- Mail Srv 3 ----/

On the company side, there are an additional 12 + mail relays from all 
over the UK feeding up to this mail server farm.

At an individual machine level, I am graphing what I need, however, I
would like to graph the sum total of the stats collected from all three
They all share the same common format for the rrd database and what I 
want to do is to use 'rrdtool graph' to read all three databases and 
allow me to aggregate the results as one graph.

Assuming that the datafiles are mail1.rrd, mail2.rrd and mail3.rrd
is it permissable to graph data from different RRD sources? It's not
implied that you can, so Im guessing. ie

/usr/local/bin/rrdtool  graph   $DIR/messages-day.gif           \
        -v "No. of Messages"                                    \
        -i                                                      \
        -w 800                                                  \
        -h 300                                                  \
        -t "Rolling 24hr graph of Aggregate Mail totals Date: `date \"+%a %D [ %T ]\"`"       \
        --start -86400                                          \
        DEF:msgs_from_1=$DIR/mail1.rrd:msgs_from:AVERAGE        \
        DEF:msgs_to_1=$DIR/mail1.rrd:msgs_to:AVERAGE            \
        DEF:msgs_from_2=$DIR/mail2.rrd:msgs_from:AVERAGE        \
        DEF:msgs_to_2=$DIR/mail2.rrd:msgs_to:AVERAGE        	\
        COMMENT:"Colour Key:"                                   \
        AREA:msgs_total#00ff00:msgs_total                       \
	CDEF:Total_out=msgs_from_1+msgs_from_2			\
	CDEF:Total_in=msgs_to_1+msgs_to_2			\
        LINE1:msgs_from#ff0000:Total_out                        \

Incidentally, is there a way of getting two or three lines depth in the
legend rather than one? I couldn't make out how that could be done

ie vertical alignment

total	Machine1	Machine2
X	A		B
Y	C		D


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