[rrd-users] Re: reset counter produces ugly results

dave-mlist at bfnet.com dave-mlist at bfnet.com
Sat Jul 31 23:42:42 MEST 1999

Dave> since the actual data is far closer to 1Mbps, the graphs still look
Dave> horrible.  MRTG never had this problem.
Dave> Is there a work around?

Tobias> only by using some external hack which checks the router uptime ... 

Dave> But why doesn't this problem affect MRTG?

Tobias> this problem should affect mrtg as well given you reset your counter at the
Tobias> right time ... 

OK, so here's my next question.  When I do a dump of the offending rrd file, I
get a line with the following datum:

<!-- 1999-07-30 07:28:00 GMT --> <row><v> 9.0098813041e+04 </v></row>

I know this datum is wrong and it is causing an ugly spike.  What's
the easiest way to get rid of it without erasing my database?


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