[rrd-users] Thinking too hard?

Steve Horejsi shorejsi at skypoint.com
Tue Nov 2 02:03:00 MET 1999

 I'm trying to do something that seems natural to me but I can't figure
out if it's supported by RRDTool or not.

 Basically, I have lots of measurements that I want to display to users
as graphs on web pages. (Sounds like an excellent fit so far...) Since I
have no good idea which pieces of data they may want to see and since
the data is constantly updating, I am planning to dynamically create the
graphs based upon their requests (still a good fit...)

 The part that I'm less sure of is time zone. The users will be in
locations across the globe and I'd prefer to generate the graphs with
the time scale based upon their local time zone. I know that the
observations within the database are basically in GMT already and that
in Javascript I can find the user's current offset from GMT, so I think
I have all of the raw information I need. I'm not sure that this is
provided for in RRDTool however. 

 I have looked through the documentation as well as the list archives
and didn't find anything that tells me how (or if) this is possible. A
walk through the source shows only about ten references to 'localtime',
so such a thing would not be unmanageable even if it is not already

 Did I miss something here? Is this feature planned? I'd be more than
willing to take a crack at this myself but I don't want to re-create
something that's already there or planned as a coming feature.

 Any guidance appreciated!

						-=[ Steve ]=-

Steve Horejsi
shorejsi at skypoint.com

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