[rrd-users] drawing problems

Stefan Mueller s.mueller at computer.org
Wed Nov 3 08:30:45 MET 1999

hi all,
i'm creating some availability graphs using rrd tool. since the
availability of our unix systems typically lies between 99.5 and 100%,
i'm restricting the vertical axis using the -r -l and -u options in
rrdgraph. in the same graph i have also metrics, which show the actual
outtimes (in seconds). of course those metrics normally miss the range
between 99.5% and 100%. (i basically just want to show the time of the
outage, not the duration).

the problems is that i get a graphing error, as soon as the outage
metrics are larger than 100.

i've included a gif, the red bar on horizontal axis is the problem.

thanks for any help

stefan mueller
address: steinstrasse 38, 8003 zuerich, switzerland
phone:   +41 1 4625458 (home), +41 1 8123895 (office)
email:   s.mueller at computer.org
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