[rrd-users] drawing problems

Stefan Mueller s.mueller at computer.org
Wed Nov 3 08:55:30 MET 1999

> I didn't see the image (character only terminal here :-) ) but I can
> imagine what's happening.  You restrict your Y-scale to (probably) 99.5
> and 100 so if the number of seconds down is above 100, this can't be
> drawn.

the problem is not that the exceeding metric is *not* drawn - it is
drawn correctly where it should be drawn. but it is also drawn where it
should not be drawn: where the metric is below 99.5% i get a line on the
horizontal 99.5% axis, and this in a different color - instead of having
nothing there. well, it's hard to explain without an image...
> First of all, one might argue that these two variables don't belong in
> one graph (that is: as long as only one scale can be used).

i guess you're right, but i'd like to do it anyway :)

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