[rrd-users] Re: bandwidth used this month

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Mon Nov 8 20:47:45 MET 1999

> *> Unfortunately, this doesn't work if the data collection started half way through
> *> the relevant period.
> *> 
> *> For example, If I want to find out how much each of my routers has transferred
> *> since the beginning of the month I can quite easily figure out the number of
> *> seconds since the start of the month and a PRINT can give me an average.
> *> However, if the router is only enabled, say on the 10th, the average that PRINT
> *> gives me seems to be calculated from the 10th to the end of the period so multiplying
> *> that by the number of seconds would overestimate (in some cases quite badly) the
> *> total amount of bandwidth used.
> how about using CDEF and IF to have a variable which is 1 if the data is
> known and 0 if the data is unknown ... this will give you the percentage of
> time you have data for ...

If you'd change the unknown into zero, wouldn't the average be okay?
Indeed a CDEF, but working on the original variable?  This alters the data,
not the time.


Now calculate the average for correctedInRate over the total time.
the cdef is:  if (inrate==unknown) return(0) else return(inrate)

I'm not saying this works (didn't try it!) but I think it will.

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