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Scott Walters scott at PacketPushers.com
Tue Nov 9 19:55:18 MET 1999

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Shimpi, ManojX wrote:

> Hi All,
> We are using RRD to store data captured from router every 5 min and the
> intention is to do curve fitting for predictive analysis.
> Is it similar to trending that Scott is talking about ?? 

maybe, but your intention sounds a bit more complex.

> Scott, can I have
> more info on trending?

my boss wants to be able to see how CPU's are doing in various boxes so he
can be aware of what application servers are getting busy.  also to help
determine when more CPU might be appropriate.

so, i collect the 5 minute sample of load and stuff it into an RRD that
keeps 5 minutes samples for the last 48 Hours, 30 minutes averages for
last 12 days, 2 hour averages for last 48 days, and 1 day averages for
last 576 days

RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:576 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:576 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:576

i then build the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly charts respectively (the
576 came from the fact i wanted to keep a 1 to 1 for points to pixels and 
found that 576 was a good fit on 800x600 display.  doesn't appear to
print quite right on A4 though).

this has perfectly met the need for long-term capacity planning, and
enough granularity on the daily graph to see day-by-day trends (backups
beat the machine up at 2am, lunch the users go crazy surfing, etc).

Scott Walters

"The world speaks IP"

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