[rrd-users] Text formatting.

Chris Josephes cjoseph at mr.net
Wed Oct 6 20:48:40 MEST 1999

(listar complained that I needed to be subscribed to rrd-users in order to
post to the list, so I'm guessing my previous posting bounced, even though
it is listed in the web archive - apologies for duplicates).

I'm trying to add information to the bottom of a RRD graph in the
format below.

Incoming   Max (.3lf) Average (.3lf)  Current (.3lf)
Outgoing   Max (.3lf) Average (.3lf)  Current (.3lf)

The "Incoming" and "Outgoing" labels are COMMENT arguements, and Max,
Average, and Current are GPRINT arguements.  I pretty much took the
arguements used by 14all.cgi and modified them to suit my needs.

I tried adding a "\n" to the end of the GPRINT arguement that printed the
"Current Incoming" value, but the first line is left justified and the
second line is fully justified.

Is there another formatting character I'm missing?

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