[rrd-users] Re: RRDTool Online Database Manipulation

jfesler at gigo.com jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Oct 12 17:05:02 MEST 1999

> I think you are missing something obvious: you can inspect
> and manipulate values and graphs of various datasources (DSs)
> in *multiple* RRDs with a single perl or rrdcgi script.

For what it's worth, I doubt it's an oversite. Attempting to add fields by
simply using more RRD's will be a painful way to go if you are monitoring
any significant number of data souces.

When I first started playing with RRD, I attempted to have one DS per
file.  With the amount of data I am tracking, I simply could not keep up.
I *had* to have multiple DS's per file to have any sense of efficiency.
I'm now running 10 DS's per RRD (and 9 RRA's each), and am looking at the
same problem in the future when my application will need to add more DS's
per host I track.

FWIW: Currently tracking 17,00+ RRD's, 10 DS's each, 9 RRA's each, once a
minute..  and *pegging* badly an e250 with 2 gig ram and 6 hard drives in
a hardware raid.  This system is *pegged* on IO.  The new machine for this
purpose is an e450, 4 gig ram, 20 drives..  it's not about disk space,
it's about disk spindles :-/.

[Hmm, 17,00 hosts * 10 DS's * 9 RRA's = 153000 RRA updated per minute,
or 2550 RRA updates per second.. oh my poor aching hard drives :-)]

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