[rrd-users] Re: data resampling Q

Bryan Mawhinney bryanm at is.co.za
Thu Oct 14 07:58:25 MEST 1999

*> > the averaging has to occur because you are not inputting your updates
at the
*> > exact 300 second intervals but somewhere along the way ... therefore

I really like this feature for continuous value functions like bandwidth
utilisation, but it can be annoying when measuring values which are by
nature discrete (for example, people in a room, or number of users logged

I'd rather know that "at approximately 14:45 there were exactly 20 users
logged on", than "at exactly 14:45 there were about 20.534 users logged on".
This is particularly confusing when it is only possible for a maximum of 20
users to log on at one time!

I've even considered adding a new, un-interpolated type (an ABSOLUTEGAUGE
perhaps??) to rrd.  What do you think?


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