[rrd-users] Re: Forcing Y axis of graphs to autoscale with a minimum range

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Thu Oct 14 18:13:45 MEST 1999

I'm graphing various errors (CarrierTansitions, InterfaceResets
InputQueueDrops and OutputQueueDrops) and I'm scaling 'em to "per
minute".  The router-monkeys around here don't wanna to see this
data when it's rate is less than one per minute.

So I'd like to set up RRD::GRAPHs so that the Y axis 

 - ranges from zero through one when all data is < 1

 - ranges from zero through N when some data is > 1 (autoscale)

I've played around with --lower-limit and --rigid but haven't came
up with a solution.

Is this possible? 

The best work-around I can think of is to CDEF the data to zero
when it's less than .5 or somesuch.  Other ideas?

- - -
systems guy

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