[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool and nrg-0.33 (fwd)

Owen DeLong owen at dixon.delong.sj.ca.us
Tue Oct 19 19:20:17 MEST 1999

Are you using an M$ Denial Of Service based Operating System, such
as Whine-Doze 95, Whine-Doze 98, Whin-Doze No Trabaja, or it's ilk?
If so, it may be complaining about filenames which contain more than
one ".".

Otherwise, your problem may be a permission problem on the directory
where it is trying to write the file.


> Hi. 
> Finaly some program that works! NRG is great... but just one thing missing.
> Any ideas ?
> last four hours
>    [ERROR: cannot open work.1.4hr.gif for write]
>    last day
>    [ERROR: cannot open work.1.1day.gif for write]
>    last week
>    [ERROR: cannot open work.1.1wk.gif for write]
>    last month
>    [ERROR: cannot open work.1.1mon.gif for write]
>    last year
>    [ERROR: cannot open work.1.1yr.gif for write]

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