[rrd-users] Re: Rollover problems on high bandwidth?

Mike Wright mike at auckland-services.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 11:35:45 MEST 1999

Of course the simple answer to this problem is to to poll the device more
often, ie every 60 seconds should allow you to monitor bandwidth up to 572

You can work out how often you would have to poll your interfaces:

34359738368 / bps

Gives the minimum number of seconds before a counter rollover occurs.
Rrdtool has code in it to detect and compensate for counter rollovers, the
main thing you want to avoid is the counter rolling over twice between polls.

Good luck!

Mike Wright

At 06:37 PM 10/21/99 -0700, Alan Nichols wrote:

>I assume that will all these tools you are polling the inOctets and outOctets
>counters on the router.  These counters are 32bit counters, and will roll
>at least once every 5 minutes if more than @115Mbits/sec traffic is going 
>through the interface.
>Do the math yourself:
>	2^32 = 4294967296 (bytes)
>	4294967296 / 300 (seconds) = 14316557.65 bytes/second
>	14316557.65 * 8 (bits in byte = 114532461.23 bits/second =114.5Mbits/sec

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