[rrd-users] Making sure stacked order looks good --- average values

dave-mlist at bfnet.com dave-mlist at bfnet.com
Fri Oct 22 20:19:23 MEST 1999

When displaying multiple stacked values, the graph looks best when low
magnitude values are stacked on the bottom, and high magnitude values
are stacked on the top.  This is because the variance of a large
magnitude value can be greater than the magnitude of a small magnitude
value.  When the small magnitdue is stacked on top of the large
variance, it looks jagged and my feeble mind can't connect the dots as

Some router ports or filter rules naturally have higher average
throughput.  I would like to stack those on top.  But I have so many
ports and filter rules that I can't go and classify each one,
especially if they are dynamically added.

I need a way to judge the relative average magnitude of each port I'm
graphing before I graph it.  Any suggestions?


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