[rrd-users] Re: Graphing more than 114 Mbps with RRDTool

Michael MacFaden mrm at yagosys.com
Mon Oct 25 19:05:17 MEST 1999


You might use the High Capacity (*HC*) counters in ifXTable/RFC 2233. They
provide 64 bit counters for all of the counters one encounters in ifTable.
For Gig Ether, OC-12c, the High Capacity RMON mib is also a good choice.

The other nifty item in the ifXTable is ifCounterDiscontinuityTime. Using
this object, your poller can know to throw out bad samples...

Mike MacFaden
Network Management
Cabletron Systems, West

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> From: pfischer at pfischer.isc.cw.net
> Lessons Learned
> ===============
> If you want to graph more than 114 Mbps you need to find a vendor specific
> MIB that will give you a 64-bit variable. You will likely need a
> MIB Walker
> to figure out which OIDs you want. I used HP Openview.

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