[rrd-users] Orca - disk percentage usage

Stephanie Lam (MIS) slam at ros.com
Sat Oct 30 00:03:23 MEST 1999


I am using orca 0.25 with orcallator that  comes with it. We have more than
20 disks. The graph shows the  disks but the colours get "wraparound" after
12, I think. Is there a way to get around that? I wanted to put say, 3
partitions per graph.

Here is what I did:
plot {
title ...
source orcallator
data    mntP_(/opt)
data    mntP_(/var)
data    mntP_(/export/home)
line_type line2
line_type line2
line_type line2

It didn't work. I have tried all sorts of combinations but I must be missing

Anyone can point me to the right direction?


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