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jfesler at gigo.com jfesler at gigo.com
Sat Oct 30 03:18:09 MEST 1999

I've previously posted that I'm currently tracking 17,000 data points per
minute (1,700.RRD's with 10 data points each, with 7 RRA's each).  We were
killing a poor Sun e250 with dual CPU and 6 drive raid.  In this
configuration that poor box was *barely* able to keep up, and when things
were broken for mroe than a few minutes, the effort for it to catch up was
pretty significant.

My new hardware is finally online, and screams.  e450, 4*400 mhz cpu, 4
gig ram, and 20 drives total (2 raids of 8 for  RRD databases, 4 drives
for general purpose).  This new system has zero problem keeping up with
realtime updates now (old system lagged by up to a minute).  We're now
tracking 18500 values and doing a damned fast job of it.  I'm *guessing*
that we can comfortably go up to 35000 values per minute before having to
get another box.

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