[rrd-users] Re: --start ???

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Sep 10 08:50:33 MEST 1999

Sep 2 you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] --start ???:

*> What is the method in which rrd::graph selects the
*> --start parameter?  The reason I ask is because I
*> had been dynamically generating a graph by add
*> the values from any given number of rrd targets.  
*> All of those .rrds were create the same time so I
*> never noticed what happened when I just added a new 
*> target.  The graph now only generates for the amount
*> of history the newest .rrd has.  
*> So, previously, I had 45 days worth of data in 30
*> different .rrds.  To graph all I would use the standard
*> CDEF:x=1,2,+ etc.... everything worked fine.  But
*> now that I've added the 31st rrd today it's only
*> graphing back 3 hours.

the default for graph is end - 24h (check manpage)

what happens inyour case I guess is that your 31st rrd does not contain
valid data older than 3h ... so by adding an *unknown* value to the sum you
get an *unknown* total ...

alex, how about adding some exercise on this subject to the tutorial ?

tobi (reporting live from salt lake city with his trusty psion)

*> "--start", (-1.5 * 24*60*60),  
*> Btw, who's 'rrd' --start time is actually applied to that?
*> Is there a way to tell rrd:graph to graph the start
*> from the longest running graph?  Does any of this make
*> sense to anyone? :-)

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