[rrd-users] rrd on IBM AIX 4.2- How Do I?

phill.glasson at ap.effem.com phill.glasson at ap.effem.com
Mon Sep 13 00:51:23 MEST 1999


I'm suffering a lot of grief compiling rrdtool using IBM xlC. It won't do
IEEE math. The work arounds I have tried so far...
Install gcc. - gcc requires gnu make.
Install gnu make.
Install gcc. (this took two weeks due to my limited knowledge of c and
Installed m4, automake and autoconf. (found all this too hard!)
I still have not been able to compile rrdtool.

Tobi has been quite helpful, but is very busy, so I don't want to disturb
him further.

Our sysadmin has pulled the plug on the 1Gb of disk I had to play with, so
gcc has disappeared.

Anyone got a compiled version of rrdtool for IBM AIX 4.2?


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