[rrd-users] Looking for victims - cdef tutorial proof readers

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Sep 16 10:34:40 MEST 1999

The post I tried yesterday didn't work out so here it is again.
If you receive a second copy of it : my apologies.



If you liked the rrdtool tutorial or at least found it useful,
you may want to help me out getting my cdef tutorial finished.

It is far from finished and does mainly discuss UNKN and INF
upto now. It tries to explain how to create CDEFs yourself.

I need:

* Real newbies that need to learn from it
* Some experienced users to search for bugs
* A POD guru
* Some native English people to remove syntax errors and reorder the

and above all

* feedback.
(BTW, this is also true for the other tutorial. No comments=no changes)

Please mail me if you want a copy to help me out, please wait for the
finished product if you can't/won't help.

For the real newbies: you don't need to quote all this text and send
it to the list as well, a simple reply without (much) text will do.

All: allow me some days to collect responses.


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