[rrd-users] Re: printing last update and last values in web pages via rrdcgi?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Sep 24 00:35:40 MEST 1999

>         AREA:line1#008000:"whatever it is  "
>         GPRINT:line1:MAX:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line1:MIN:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line1:AVERAGE:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line1:LAST:"%10.2lf\\n"
>         STACK:line4#C0C000:"and something else  "
>         GPRINT:line4:MAX:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line4:MIN:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line4:AVERAGE:"%10.2lf"
>         GPRINT:line4:LAST:"%10.2lf\\n"
> Modify and align.
Duh, forgot about the kb/s stuff:

GPRINT....MAX:"%10.2lf %sb/s"
GPRINT....MIN:"%10.2lf %Sb/s"
GPRINT....AVERAGE:"%10.2lf %Sb/s"
GPRINT....LAST:"%10.2lf %Sb/s"

%s will scale to blank/k/m/g/whatever. %S will use the same scale.


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