[rrd-users] No step function

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at nastg.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 10 20:41:56 MEST 2000

I can't seem to find out how (or if) it is possible to get a "saw-toothed" 
graph instead of a "stair-step" one. In other words, I am collecting a 
GAUGE value every twenty minutes (by the way RRD is awesome!) and would 
like to plot simply that value and then have the graph go straight to the 
next point 20 minutes later.

What I have now is: the line runs flat for twenty minutes, jumps to the 
next value and runs flat again for the next twenty minutes. Would this be 
in the rrdcreate step, or some fancy "-x" work in rrdgraph?


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