[rrd-users] Re: No step function

Craig Wyllie craig at halcyoninc.com
Mon Apr 10 23:08:20 MEST 2000

Joe Loiacono wrote:
> I can't seem to find out how (or if) it is possible to get a "saw-toothed"
> graph instead of a "stair-step" one. In other words, I am collecting a
> GAUGE value every twenty minutes (by the way RRD is awesome!) and would
> like to plot simply that value and then have the graph go straight to the
> next point 20 minutes later.
> What I have now is: the line runs flat for twenty minutes, jumps to the
> next value and runs flat again for the next twenty minutes. Would this be
> in the rrdcreate step, or some fancy "-x" work in rrdgraph?

I'm new here, but I don't think you can do that.  (Drawing a line directly
between the individual data points..., although the type 'LINE' would make
you think of that, apparently it is actually a column or bar or staircase

It is an idea for an enhancement... as would fitting curves between the data
points (I forget the name for the algorithm typically used for that), but I
don't personally know how much demand there is for either...  I don't think
people often plot data over such a small timescale, and if they do they want
to see what the value was... so staircase is a good choice.  ( If I keep
going it could lead to suggestions for lots of other plot types :)

Real suggestion:

You could increase time range over which you are plotting data so that you
have one data point per pixel, or at least fewer than you have now...



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