[rrd-users] Re: Total Throughput Stats via RRD

Peter Lalor plalor at infoasis.com
Mon Apr 10 21:20:09 MEST 2000

>From: Jason Jordan <guru at swami.pcguru.com.au>
>No mailing list would be complete without stupid questions, so to keep
>the quota up, here is todays...

Usually my domain, but thanks for helping with the load. ;-)

>I'm using MRTG with 14all.cgi (and therefore RRD) to monitor a bunch of
>routers, switches, hubs and servers.
>Manglement have just asked me if I can provide them with total
>throughput stats for particular traffic-billable WAN connections (ie.
>the Internet).

Going forward, you might think about using RADIUS checkpoint 
accounting records instead of RRDtool. Have the router send an 
checkpoint record every hour or so, then just tally up the throughput 
at the end of whatever period management's cold little hearts desire.

>They want these statistics retrospectively - and I told them it's
>impossible for me to analyse things I haven't logged.


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