[rrd-users] can't open dummy

pearcec at PacketPushers.com pearcec at PacketPushers.com
Fri Apr 7 19:51:58 MEST 2000

Just putting out a feeler.  Is anyone using AIX, perl, rrdtool and the
RRDs.pm experiencing problems with rrd resulting in errors like this? (see
below)  I did a little peeking under the covers of the perl module.  Now I
am not fully versed on XS, but I hacked a module a while back to fix a
problem.  I noticed it was setting the first argument as dummy.  If anyone
is experiencing this please advise.  If not I was will try to resolv the
problem with a little help from my friends. 

--- Just a clip from a log that has the error results.

/usr/local/bb14c/ext/larrd/la-larrd.pl: ERROR creating
/usr/local/bb14c/rrd/eureka.la.rrd: can't parse argument
/usr/local/bb14c/ext/larrd/la-larrd.pl did not find
/usr/local/bb14c/rrd/eureka.la.rrd, created.
/usr/local/bb14c/ext/larrd/la-larrd.pl: ERROR updating
/usr/local/bb14c/rrd/eureka.la.rrd: rrdopen can't open 'dummy'

Christian Pearce

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