[rrd-users] problems with rrd graph in lazy mode

Wim.Holemans holemans at uia.ua.ac.be
Tue Apr 18 11:52:38 MEST 2000

I'm trying to build a system based on mrtg and rrd (v1.0.17) that just
collects data and generates the graphs on demand. I have installed
mrtg 2.8.12 as a frontend for the configuration, rrdtool as databasetool.
This works perfect. 

Then i took a look at 14all.cgi and deleted all that i didn't need and
created a png-update tool.  Different tools now create different lists of
device/interface combinations (based on the mrtg configs) that should be
updated, writes the parameters to a file and then calls the hacked script
to update the images if needed.
(14all.cgi uses the perl module version of rrdtool : RRDS.pm).

I'm trying this out now and found a problem :
when updating a lot of images (e.g. 20 ports x (bits/s, errors/sec,
broadcasts/sec)x((daily,weekly,monthly,yearly) = 240 images) the tool
always fails after a certain amount of NON-updates (images that shouldn't
be updated - lazy option of rrd) (about 60) with the following error :
Cannot create graph: rrdopen can't open

This happens when i specify the lazy option for the graph tool. If I omit
the lazy option, there is no problem but then it takes a lot longer before
all images for a device are updated : every image is always
I suspect there is a resource exhausting, but i don't have the
expertise to check the rrd source code.

Anyone has a suggestion or solution for this problem ?


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