[rrd-users] Re: Sample resolution when graphing, unable to get better than 2hrs RRA problem?

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Sat Dec 2 02:15:52 MET 2000

On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 02:02:41AM +0100, Bjorn Djupvik wrote:
> Clifton Royston wrote:
> Yeah this is the problem.. If I graph for say a months time, the graphs
> look just fine. Its when I go in and do a graph on data for a week, a
> day or less.. even the last day logged looks like this. I think this
> might be a cricket problem and not a rrdtool problem but I know that the
> cricket tool takes samples every 5 minutes so shouldnt this just end up
> in the database? I`m all confused now :)

It condenses it as it rolls back in time, mimicking MRTG behavior.  So
recent values *should* look fine - except when you're graphing MAX
which is only stored on 2 hour intervals, for reasons I don't know.  If
that last is the problem, then you'll need to alter the rrd definition
by adding additional MAX type RRAs.

Here's the SEEKRIT key to this info, from the cricket-config/Defaults
file.  Meditate on this, and all will be clear.  Eventually.  Maybe.
  -- Clifton

# rra
# The RRA dictionary specifies the config of the datafiles on disk.
# Unles you really know what you are doing, don't muck around with
# Trust me, the defaults will do what you want.

# this set of RRA's exactly duplicates the storage capacity of a
# rateup logfile (this assumes rrd-poll-interval is 300 (5 min))

# The second field (0.5, below) is NEW as of RRD 0.99. It
# is the xfiles-factor, which used to be in the target
# dictionary.

# one point per 5 minutes, spanning 50 hours
rra             5minAve     AVERAGE:0.5:1:600
# one point per 30 minutes, spanning 12 days
rra             30minAve        AVERAGE:0.5:6:600
# one point every 2 hours, spanning 50 days
rra             2hrAve          AVERAGE:0.5:24:600
rra             2hrMax          MAX:0.5:24:600
# one point every day, spanning 600 days
rra             1dayAve         AVERAGE:0.5:288:600
rra             1dayMax         MAX:0.5:288:600

# we will add datasources to each specific target-type later
targetType      --default--
        rra     =       "5minAve, 30minAve, 2hrAve, 2hrMax, 1dayAve, 1dayMax"

 Clifton Royston  --  LavaNet Systems Architect --  cliftonr at lava.net
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