[rrd-users] Re-structuring data in RRD files?

Chris Fedde chris at fedde.littleton.co.us
Wed Feb 9 08:54:15 MET 2000


Because of some initial ignorance on my part I have structured some
of my rrd files so that they kept an unnecessarily large volume of
duplicate historical data.  Now that I understand what is going on
better I want to re-structure the data so that I'm not waisting
so much space on unnecessary detail.  

To achieve this I need a method to move the old data into new files with a
different structure.

The method that I am considering is to create a new rrd file with
the old DS definitions and new RRA settings. Then simply reformat
the output of 'rrdtool fetch' into a form that is acceptable to
'rrdtool update' through a pipe.

Is there a better way than this?

A couple additional questions, then I'll shut up :-)

    Is there a way to extract the meta-data from an rrd file short
    of parsing the XML from an 'rrdtool dump'?  Preferably this
    could generate text  useful as a template for a command line
    to 'rrdtool create'.

    Is there a command line argument analogous to 'rrdtool last'
    that fetches the time-stamp for the earliest "non-NaN" data in
    the file?

    Chris Fedde 303 773 9134

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