[rrd-users] Monitoring availability with RRD

Frank Harper Frank.Harper at turbomeca.fr
Mon Feb 28 18:14:15 MET 2000

I want a textual report containing availability statistics for some my
RRD datasources. Now, it seems to me like this would be a pretty common
thing to do. But strangely enough, I haven't found anything available
that looks like it would fit the bill.

Did I miss a publicly available tool/contribution that would do this?
Or is this something so trivial that everybody just rolls their own?
Or maybe this isn't even a good idea (please tell me why not)?

If there isn't anything available, and there is interest for something
like this, I'll consider writing it myself.

Frank Harper, TURBOMECA network manager
e-mail: Frank.Harper at turbomeca.fr
Tel: +33-559-12-52-18
Fax: +33-559-12-51-50

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