[rrd-users] Re: adding datasources to existing RRDs using XML

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Jan 11 22:42:56 MET 2000

Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] adding datasources to existing...:

*> I have several thousand RRDs that I want to add a couple datasources to, and 
*> I've tested out a script that seems to do the right thing.  I go through
*> each directory that has rrds, dump out xml, change the xml and reform the
*> rrds.  Below is the part of the scripts that reforms the xml.  Could someone 
*> tell me if I did this correctly?  One of the things I am wondering is if
*> using NaN vs. 0 makes much of a difference in the rows and the PDP entries I
*> am altering/adding.  I tried it out on a few RRDs and it seems to work.

NaN is the correct thing todo ... I guess I should modifie rrdrestore to
accept input from stdin ... may I add the script to the contrib area ?

you might want to consider to NOT add new rows to existing RRAs but rather
have more RRAs ...

I am interested in your 'large' site ... what performance do you see which
what hardware ... is anything visible from outside ?

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