[rrd-users] Re: Outputting a PNG directly from Perl + RRDs.pm

Daniel Rinehart danielr at ccs.neu.edu
Fri Jan 14 06:46:26 MET 2000

> The problem is, I can't seem to make the perl module spit out an image 
> directly.  It seems to want to write it to a file instead.  I tried using 
> "-" as a filename but it didn't spit out anything.  Any ideas?

	I just did a few tests and setting the filename to "-" is sending
the output to STDOUT. Does the code below produce a valid file if you
specify a real filename instead? Can you get it to work if it isn't
running under mod_perl? For comparison I'm running RRD 1.0.7 (yeah I know
I should upgrade) with Perl 5.005_02 on Linux.

-- Daniel R. <danielr at ccs.neu.edu> [http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/danielr/]

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