[rrd-users] using rrd graphing component for ts data w/out db

Dan Cohn dan at sky.net
Wed Jan 19 09:36:52 MET 2000


	I've been very impressed with what i've seen of rrd, and i'm
pleased that such a tool exists. I've especially been impressed with the 
graphing portions and rrd's ability to represent discrete timeseries data
in an attractive fashion.

	However... I have my own external applications doing my db work,
and have no interest in duplicating that with rrd. I would just like to
use the graphical presentation portion. I have a list of timeseries data
(unixtime, datapoint) pairs which i'd love to graph over a variety of 
intervals. I do not want to average the data, have it roll over in any
way, etc.

	So, really I think I have two questions..

	1) Has anyone made the appropriate extensions to decouple this
very nice interface from all the database functionality?

	2) If I wanted to use the programs as-is, I'm having trouble
understanding how to do so to meet my need. say i have a data set covering
a range of one hour, for which i have three functions. Standard intervals
are 5 minutes, although the data is not strictly in 5 minute sets. I have
all of the data already, and just want to plot it... how can i do this?
What about the same for 24 hours of data in the same 5 minute intervals? 

	Thanks much,


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