[rrd-users] Re: date format for updates

Jay Clark jayc at sasolutions.com
Tue Jul 4 20:02:46 MEST 2000

> the problem is that you are not giving a unix time (seconds since
> 1970) but some other format which rrdtool does not know about ...

Ummm I was going by the info in the manpage for fetch, which seems to indicate
that I can use other formats.

23:59 31.12.1999 -- 1 minute to the year 2000

                     12/31/99 11:59pm -- 1 minute to the year 2000 for

                     12am 01/01/01 -- start of the new millennium

I am doing my polling on a NT machine which returns a CSV file, I use excel to
convert the polled data into the BER rate.  Excel of course keeps time from
1900 rather than 1970 and expresses it as a whole number of days and fractional
number for parts of days.  I can probably write an expression that will do the
conversion but since it appeared that the create command was working with the
other format, I assumed that the update command should also work with it.

The data range that I work with is between e-11 and e-2, and the fractional
part is important. was thinking that perhaps this was the reason that the
update command was unhappy.  Since I am only interested in relative values I
can fiddle the data into something that is acceptable.

really need to know if I should be working on the date, or on the data

thanks for your response

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