[rrd-users] retrieving bulkstats and maxrepetitions

Bradley Urberg Carlson bradley at onvoy.com
Sun Jul 9 22:13:05 MEST 2000

I'm trying to retrieve in/out octets for about 700 subinterfaces on a
Cisco router.  I am trying to retreive these tables with a single SNMP
request with Get-Bulk-Request-PDU using the Net::SNMP perl module:

  use Net::SNMP
  my (@oids) = ('', '');
  my ($session, $error) = Net::SNMP->session(
    -hostname => 'myrouter.myISP.com', 
    -community => 'public', -version => 2 
  my ($ptr = $session->get_bulk_request( 
    -maxrepetitions => 500, -varbindlist => \@oids

If I don't specify "maxrepetitions", I get no data; if I specify a number
smaller than the number of interfaces
(like 500), then I only get data for 500 subinterfaces.  If a specify a
number larger than the number of interfaces (like 1000), then 
my SNMP session errorstring is set to "Encoded message length not equal to
remaining data length", and again, no data.

Is anyone successfully using bulkstats to retrieve in/out octets? If so,
do you need to know the exact number of interfaces in order to use


PS- snmpwalk uses just one UNIX command but many SNMP requests

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