[rrd-users] Re: gigabit interfaces

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Tue Jul 11 14:23:33 MEST 2000

>>>>> "mm" == Mike MacFaden <mrm at yagosys.com> writes:
> I haven't seen any app yet handle ifCounterDiscontinuityTime in
> addition to sysUpTime.

Maybe because few agents support it?

> A good agent will make this ifXTable object tick so your mgmt app
> doesn't collect bad data during events like hotswap of line cards,
> or other periods where an agent knows it no longer has accurate data
> for a given if*Table counter.

Right, that would be a useful thing to do, but since it doesn't seem
to be commonly supported, you'd have to build the application so that
it works without it, and that makes things more complicated.

> Also, since rfc2233, ifOperStatus can change to notPresent,
> lowerLayerDown, dormant etc instead of just down/testing so your
> tool should be watching ifOperStatus before sticking data into rrdbs
> anyway.

That's also a good idea, and doesn't have the backwards compatibility
problem because everyone supports ifOperStatus.  I don't know how many
agents support the new values.  Btw "dormant" was already in RFC 1573.
"notPresent" and "lowerLayerDown" have been added in 2233.  RFC 2863,
the latest version of the IF-MIB, doesn't add any new values.

> mike
> www.riverstonenet.com

Unfortunately I don't have any Cabletron/Riverstone kit, so I don't
know how well those support recent IF-MIB additions.  None of the
boxes we have (Ciscos with fairly recent sw, Ascend MAXen with fairly
old sw, and Suns with new sw) support ifCounterDiscontinuityTime.


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