[rrd-users] Re: gigabit interfaces

Mike MacFaden mrm at yagosys.com
Tue Jul 11 20:49:37 MEST 2000

At 02:23 PM 7/11/00 +0200, Simon Leinen wrote:

> >>>>> "mm" == Mike MacFaden <mrm at yagosys.com> writes:
> > I haven't seen any app yet handle ifCounterDiscontinuityTime in
> > addition to sysUpTime.
>Maybe because few agents support it?

Right. But like counter64 I do hope customers demand agents be
in compliance with current IETF rfcs.

>Unfortunately I don't have any Cabletron/Riverstone kit, so I don't
>know how well those support recent IF-MIB additions.  None of the
>boxes we have (Ciscos with fairly recent sw, Ascend MAXen with fairly
>old sw, and Suns with new sw) support ifCounterDiscontinuityTime.

That could be fixed :-). I believe CERN is running our gear, SSR 2000's,etc,
which have had RFC 2233 support since release 2.0 release in Aug 98) from
which to poke at...


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