[rrd-users] Unable to store integer values in RRD

Yusuf Goolamabbas yusufg at outblaze.com
Mon Jul 24 08:41:49 MEST 2000

Using rrdtool 1.0.24 on a FreeBSD 3.4-stable box

Hi, I am a RRDtool newbie so I am not sure if this a FAQ
I tried to setup my first RRD database by graphing the number of httpd
processes running on a machine. I want to sample this every 30secs

This is the command I used to create the RRD database
rrdtool create httpd.rrd --start now \
         -s 30 DS:count:GAUGE:90:U:U \

I wrote the following shell script to update the rrd database


while true
httpd=`ps cax | grep -c httpd`
rrdtool update httpd.rrd N:$httpd
sleep 30

When I type the following command

rrdtool fetch httpd.rrd LAST -s now-240s

I get the following output

964420410:  3.2000000000e+01 
964420440:  3.2266666667e+01 
964420470:  3.9966666667e+01 
964420500:  3.8933333333e+01 
964420530:  3.2200000000e+01 
964420560:  3.0633333333e+01 
964420590:  3.7966666667e+01 
964420620:  3.8200000000e+01 
964420650:  3.7900000000e+01 
964420680:  NaN 

I am at a loss to understand how to get integer values stored in the

Regards, Yusuf

Yusuf Goolamabbas
yusufg at outblaze.com

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