[rrd-users] Re: Need help with Update.

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Mar 7 11:55:03 MET 2000

Jan Sandorf wrote:

> When I check the database with:
>  rrdtool fetch myrouter.rrd AVERAGE
> I get the following output:
>  952424100:           NaN           NaN
>  952424400:           NaN           NaN
>  952424700:           NaN           NaN
> etc etc...

This could, for instance, be caused by a faulty MAX setting.
Another possibility is updates that are further apart than heartbeat
allows for.

> The update command I'm running is a cronscript which basically does:
>  rrdtool update myrouter.rrd $time:$in:$out
> with the values of time, in and out beeing: 952424700:3622558389:491191299

Log a few of these.  When you have a few values, try to calculate the rate by
hand and check the MAX setting.  Also, check the heartbeat setting.

By creating a new database with appropriate start and end times, you can
debug the whole process.  Just dump the db after each update.

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