[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool feature request

John ORourke jbo at supanet.net.uk
Fri Mar 17 11:48:19 MET 2000

>In the report I would like to print the date in a standard format (including
>day of week, etc.), independent of the way the user actually entered the date.

>I think the best way to do this would be a new rrdtool function which would
>have an AT-style format date as input, and would return an epoch style date.

It might be better to use the very good Perl modules for converting to and 
from epoch style dates.  One module converts almost any text format date, but 
as it sounds like you have the individual components (hour,day,month,etc) why 
not "use Time::Local" and do 
$time=timelocal($sec,$min,$hour,$date,$month,$year) ?

Or am I completely missing the point?

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Backbone Engineer	john at supanet.net.uk
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