[rrd-users] Re: "rrdtool graph" and RRDs::graph coredumps

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Mar 28 19:13:12 MEST 2000

Thomas Parmelan wrote:

<about a problem with a huge number of DSes to add up>
>     [about 100 other similar DEF lines]
>     "CDEF:zt=caa28,UN,0,caa28,IF,caa29,UN,0,caa29,IF,[about 100 other
>     similar datasources],+,+,+,[add all the ~ 100 datasources],+" \
>     "AREA:zt:#00FF00:Appels sur la ZT"
> (each .rrd contains 1 DS representing a number of calls, and I want to
> summ them all)
> Any ideas how to fix this problem ?

If the problem is with the line containing the CDEF...

Not a real fix but rather a workaround for the time being:

Why not add a few into a temporary variable, do this a couple of times
and then do another addition.
CDEF:tmp1=caa28,UN,0,caa28,IF... [about 25 of them]
CDEF:tmp2=caa48,UN,0,caa48,IF... [about 25 of them]
CDEF:tmp3=caa68,UN,0,caa68,IF... [about 25 of them]
CDEF:tmp4=caa88,UN,0,caa88,IF... [about 25 of them]

I may have missed something that would make this solution not only simple
but also impossible ...

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