[rrd-users] Problem with upper-limit option

Sean R McNamara sean.r.mcnamara at villanova.edu
Wed Nov 15 22:48:03 MET 2000

Hello everyone-

    I've run into a bit of an issue when working with the --upper-limit
option -- it appears to round up to the next highest whole place value.
I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen by default, or if so, if
there is a way to work around it.   Let me explain exactly what I'm
trying to do, and then my results.  Any help would be greatly

    What I am trying to accomplish is to graph network utilization
statistics of various data speeds.    Mainly we're looking at 100mbps,
1000mbps, and a 34mbps connection.    There is an file which contains an
index of the datasources though multiple RRDs, and it's maximum line
speed (in bits); I wrote a cgi to parse and display this data in order
to create on demand user configurable graphs.    The cgi works fine, the
data is displayed correctly; the problem occurs when I attempt to choose
the option to 'scale' the graph to the maximum data speed.  The cgi uses
the value from the index file corresponding to dataspeed; being that
this is in bits, it's converted to bytes; the conversion has of course
been verified that it works correctly.

    So basically we're here -- assuming a 10Mbps line, we do
            bytes = bits / 8
to get 1250000, and that is what we give to the --upper-limit option.
When I submit this graph, I expect to see a graph with a y-axis ranging
from 0 - 1.25M;
but instead it ranges from 0 - 2.0M.   All of the data is within range
of 1.25, of course; and in the cases of  most links is less than 1Mb.  I
have tried the --rigid option, and it had no effect.      Has anyone
seen a 'problem' like this before, and if so, is there a solution to
it?   Thank you in advance for any and all help that can be provided.
I will attach a copy of the actual arguements I use to create the graph
at the bottom of the message.

Thank you again,

..Sean R. McNamara.
Network Systems Administrator

Villanova University
UNIT - Data Networks


rrdtool graph graphs/Graph-974321766-  \
-w 750 \
-h 275 \
-s 14:00 11/14/2000 \
-e 14:00 11/15/2000 \
--title=(11/14/2000 14:00 - 11/15/2000 14:00) \
-v Bytes Per Second \
--upper-limit 12500000 \
HRULE:12500000#FF0000:Maximum Data Speed\"  \
DEF:read1=rrd/3500-65.9..rrd:rxByteRate10:AVERAGE \
LINE2:item1#000000:O'Dwyer Hall Average Bytes  eceived \
GPRINT:item1:MIN:Min %lf  \
GPRINT:item1:MAX:Max %lf \
GPRINT:item1:AVERAGE:Avg %lf\"

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