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Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 22 13:32:14 MET 2000

Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] Re: VISIONARY: New tool to...:

JI>    * protocol usage during the day
JI>    * top talkers during the day
JI>    * top listeners during the day
JI>    * top conversation during the day.
JI> (It also provides utilization graphs but that's not very intresting as RRDtool
JI> VERY easily store and graphs such statistics, as we all know).
JI> On each graph, the legend contains colors/patterns to distinguish the topmost
JI> candidates for each category.  You can configure the reports to provide you with
JI> top 10 talkers or top 5 talkers or top 40 talkers etc... any number you like
JI> (too many messes up the graph, too few makes you miss some of the host).  As you
JI> can tell, the legend and the color scheme cannot be decided on advance, as you
JI> don't know which hosts/protocols/conversations will be the top 10 (or 5 or 40)
JI> contributers to the traffic.  It has to be decide upon rendering the image.

well I guess the sensible thing to look at for this problem would
be some scientific tools for storing and handling sparse matrices
... I bet there are such things available ... 


JI> > make it probably unpractical with rrdtool, you might want to use a
JI> But still RRDtool has some intresting features I really do like and which I
JI> would like to see in the new tool and I think borrowing some design and code (if
JI> you don't mind of course) could be a good idea.
JI> >
JI> > SQL database (postgresql) for this ... but again, the question what
JI> Well, you could use a SQL database (like Oracle for instance) to actually store
JI> the data, but still you could use a tool similar to rrdtool to create the data
JI> collections, store and retrieve the data.  Actually, you could have something
JI> very similar to an RRD but instead of storing values of how much utilization was
JI> inbound at each sample period, you store a reference to a data structure which
JI> contains what actually was seen during that sample period.
JI> (When we talk about SQL databases, you could use such a one for RRDtool as well
JI> if you want to).
JI> >
JI> > are you going to do with the data ?
JI> >
JI> Ok, here's an example.Well, consider the case you have a WAN link connecting an
JI> subsidiary to the rest or the corporate intranet.  Suddenly some PC user decides
JI> to do some gigantic download.  You want the graphs to display not only that the
JI> link is near 100% utilized inbound, you also want to see in some graphs WHO is
JI> using the major part of the link.
JI> Another example is if you have a number of "favourite download servers"
JI> somewhere on the intranet, and they become the source of the major portion of
JI> traffic traversing the link, you want to the stats to indicate that (so you can
JI> consider moving these servers or perhaps start replicate data to local download
JI> servers.)
JI> The two cases above does imply that not ALL the statistics about traffic over a
JI> link is used, we are mainly intrested in what are the biggest contributors.
JI> Which might imply that we may do trade-offs in statistic gathering and
JI> processing.
JI> > cheers
JI> > tobi
JI> >
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