[rrd-users] Re: VISIONARY: New tool to consider to create: a "DynamicData Set" tool...

Chris Snell chris at bikeworld.com
Wed Nov 22 15:04:35 MET 2000

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Jakob Ilves wrote:

> Well, if we extend the scope from not just destinations for traffic, I want the
> tool to produce graphs with the same information as those produced by the
> Netmetrix product, but better (of course ;-).  Netmetrix provides you with
> statistics for a link such as graphs showing the distribution of:
>    * protocol usage during the day
>    * top talkers during the day
>    * top listeners during the day
>    * top conversation during the day.

I think I'd go with a mix of Tobi's suggestions and your suggestions.  I'd
use a SQL database to store such things as total bytes in/out for a
particular destination.  More specifically, I'd store these totals for
each day.  I think it would be easier to determine "top talkers for
today" by making a SQL call than it would be to query 10,000+ RRD
files.  For the actual data measurements, I'd grab them every 30 seconds
and store them in individual RRDs, as Tobi suggested.  Yes, it's a lot of
files and disk usage but, hey, disks are cheap.

I'd roll my own data collector that could store the collected data in the
RRDs but would also update the SQL tables with the current "total" counts.

> On each graph, the legend contains colors/patterns to distinguish the topmost
> candidates for each category.  You can configure the reports to provide you with
> top 10 talkers or top 5 talkers or top 40 talkers etc... any number you like
> (too many messes up the graph, too few makes you miss some of the host).  As you
> can tell, the legend and the color scheme cannot be decided on advance, as you
> don't know which hosts/protocols/conversations will be the top 10 (or 5 or 40)
> contributers to the traffic.  It has to be decide upon rendering the image.

For actual page and graph generation, I'd check out Mason
(http://www.masonhq.com).  You could use Mason's embedded Perl
capabilities to make your SQL calls to generate the "Top 10" lists and
then use Bronc's Grapher module (or rrdgraph.cgi, Cricket, etc.) to
compose the graphs from this list of top users.  It would be easy, for
example, to modify Bronc's chef module to accept a hash of "top
hosts" directly from your SQL call and this module would then compose a
graph for you using the appropriate RRD files.


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