[rrd-users] Re: YAI: Viewing rrd file details over the web.

Chris Snell chris at bikeworld.com
Wed Nov 22 15:21:36 MET 2000

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Bjorn Nordbo wrote:

> Jakob Ilves wrote:
> > Another way is to have a Java applet available which will allow the
> > intrested user to look at the details.  For each collection, have the
> > option of "viewing graph data".  When that link is followed, a page
> > opens up with this RRD-applet which upon load do fetch the actual
> > RRD-file (which is just a 97K file).  Once that is done, the applet
> > allows you to walk around in the graphs, zoom in on some specific period
> > of time or perhaps view the exact sample values at specific points in
> > time.  There are quite some possibilities here.

This is something that I'm going to try to implement as a feature for
Bronc some day.  Bronc's Grapher module is what makes the call to RRDtool
to generate the graph.  This module gets its instructions from the URL,
called within an HTML "IMG" tag (see the images on the Bronc homepage for
more info on this).  I was thinking about a Javascript front-end that
allowed a user to specify targets, time periods, graph colors, legends,
etc.  The Javascript would take the user's selections ("I want a graph of
<click>this router's traffic and <click>this router's traffic and I want
them colored...") and form an IMG tage based on these selections.  The
Javascript would refresh the image as each modification to the parameters
was made.


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