[rrd-users] RRDs::graph parsing error ???

Engels, Manfred manfred.engels at cz.nl
Wed Nov 29 12:49:07 MET 2000


I just started making a small Perl program which utilizes the RRD tool as a
library from within Perl, and I run into trouble using the 'RRDs::graph'

First of all I should say I run Perl & RRD from Windoze 2000. The UTIL.RRD
is located in c:\test, whilst the perl program is in c:\prg (This is also
the directory where the output should be created). Here is the part of the
program that fails:

$database	= "c:\\test\\util.rrd";
$outputgraph	= "c:\\prg\\util.gif";

RRDs::graph ($outputgraph, "DEF:myutil=$database:Utilization:AVERAGE",
my $ERR=RRDs::error;
die "\nError whilst updating $outputgraph\nError: $ERR\n" if $ERR;

When I run this, I get the following error:

Error whilst updating C:\prg\util.gif
Error: can't parse DEF 'myutil=c:\test\util.rrd:Utilization:AVERAGE' -2

I determined that if I changed the

$database = "c:\\test\\util.rrd"; into $database = "util.rrd";

and moved my UTIL.RRD into c:\prg, the program runs fine and creates the
graphic without any problems...

Is 'RRDs::graph' unable to handle the \ characters when parsing the name for
the UTIL.RRD or am I doing something wrong ???

Any help would greatly be appreciated !

Manfred Engels (Perl newbie, so plz don't shout if it is my stupid error ;)
manfred.engels at cz.nl

CZ Groep
The Netherlands

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