[rrd-users] Daily graph presenting real values...

Freddy Frouin freddy.frouin at fluxus.net
Mon Oct 23 13:41:22 MEST 2000


	I'm using rrdtool since a few weeks, yet I'm not sure to understand
	every purpose developped in the reference Documentation. My aim
	is to produce a graph for the day with all the real values fetched
	in the Round Robin Database. Look at the configurations line I'm using
	and please, indicate me where I'm wrong:

	$rrdtool create foo.rrd --start $time --step
	30 DS:foo:GAUGE:930:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:172800

	$rrdtool graph foo.gif --start $startTime --end $endTime
	-x MINUTE:10:HOUR:1:HOUR:1:0:%H:%M --width 1280 --height 200
	--imgformat GIF DEF:foo=foo.rrd:AVERAGE LINE1:foo#FF0000

	I think i should not have understand the difference beetwen the
	Consolidated Function (CF): AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, LAST. I understand
	the meaning of these words, yet I don't arrive to use them with

great thanks for help,			Freddy.

37, avenue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75015 Paris
freddy.frouin at fluxus.net

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