[rrd-users] Re: No rrdtool graphs in mrtg

Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Tue Oct 31 11:19:00 MET 2000

I sent this first directly to Ronaldo but it might be of interest for
you too:

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Hi Ronaldo!

> When this runs, will I see the old mrtg files *.log,*.html, etc
> to change with *.rrd, and I should be able to access an index html
> file or is it a cgi file which was produced from the rrd runs from
> indexmaker?
> Just need some clarification,  the documentation was not as complete.

MRTG can operate in one of two modes:

1. Logformat: rateup (this is the default)
MRTG uses its own program rateup to store the data and to make the
graphs. It does not use rrdtool. MRTG create the graphs and the html
files every time it runs. MRTG does not create any index files. There
is a tool "indexmaker" to create static index files and there are
several CGIs in the contrib section to create index files on-demand.

2. Logformat: rrdtool
MRTG uses rrdtool to store the data. MRTG does not create any graphs or
html files. You need an additional program, e.g. a CGI to create the
html files and graphs. There are two CGIs in the contrib section: 14all
and routers. 14all will create index files too if you want.

The option "rrdviewer" to indexmaker is only used if you have
Logformat: rrdtool. "rrdviewer" tells indexmaker how to call 14all.cgi
through a html link (or any other CGI, but don't know of any).

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Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de

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