[rrd-users] Blank graph.

assakhof assakhof at mimos.my
Fri Sep 15 17:13:37 MEST 2000


I wrote a Perl script to get utilization of my Remote Access (RAS). I 
pulled data every 10 minutes. But the graph just produced a grid, axis and 
legend. Any idea ?

Below is a partial of my code;
sub create_rrd
   my ($rrd, $start) = @_;
   # $start=time;
   chdir ($data_dir);
   print "CREATE $data_dir /$rrd\n";
   RRDs::create ($rrd, "--start",$start-1,"--step",600,

   my $ERROR = RRDs::error;
   print "$0: unable to create `$rrd': $ERROR\n" if $ERROR;

sub update_rrd
   my ($t, $rrd, $region_data) = @_;
   my $gif_file = $rrd;

   $gif_file =~ s/\.rrd.*//g;


   RRDs::update $rrd, "$t:$region_data";
   my $ERROR = RRDs::error;
   print "$0: unable to update `$rrd': $ERROR\n" if $ERROR;

   RRDs::graph "$data_gif/$gif_file-day.gif",
   "--title", uc($gif_file) . " day",
   "--start", "-1h",
   "--vertical-label", "port",
   "HRULE:$total_modem#FF0000:all modem"

Sample data:

971434800 north.rrd 542
971435400 north.rrd 630
971436000 north.rrd 241
971436600 north.rrd 640

Thanks in advance,


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